Men Sandals

Men’s Sandals

Feel the warm air on your feet with comfortable men’s sandals by ECCO. A pair of sandals is a perfect option for casual wear in the summertime. Experience a rich blend of style and comfort with ECCO men’s sandals, whether you are at the beach, out exploring, or at home. Find the right style for you right here, whether you need a pair of men’s slip-on sandals or strap sandals to provide a solid foundation for all-day wear. 

A pair of sandals is much more than a simple shoe. We create men’s sandals to suit your individual needs for style and comfort during warmer seasons. All ECCO sandals for men incorporate the respected art of shoemaking to create defining summer footwear. Get the pair for your performance needs, or look for designs that match your preferred fashion style. 

Does the slick and minimalistic look suit your taste, or is it about practicality and functional features for you? Our selection of men’s sandals offers designs for every type who wishes to get the very best for their feet while feeling the breeze of the wind. You can discover flat sandals, slip-on sandals, strap sandals, walking sandals and more.

No matter if you need a pair of comfortable sandals for men to wear at home or a fashionable pair to show off and complete your summer-inspired outfit, you can find it here online. Our range of sandals for men includes casual slippers and solid sandals with straps to match your preferences for casual comfort and long-distance performance.

Slip in a pair of men’s slip-on sandals

Whenever you need a pair of sandals on the short journey to take out the trash, in your garden, or to wear at the beach, a pair of ECCO men’s slippers is carefully designed to get the job done comfortably. With no straps on the heels, you can easily slip into a pair of our men’s slip-on sandals when you have your hands full or want to get ready at a moment’s notice. Our slip-ons for men let you enjoy a laid-back sense of wear with minimalist designs. We never make any compromises when it comes to the quality, style, and all-day comfort of our sandals.

Find your sandal colors

Do you have a particular color in mind? We present you with a wide range of different colors. Many of our men’s sandals come in multiple colors, so if you like the look of a particular pair but not the color, you can find it in an alternative color. Summer is the perfect time to add lively or light colors to your look. Take a look at our collection of colorful sandals and find the perfect nuance to match how you want to express yourself with summer footwear.

Walking sandals made for adventures

During the warmer seasons in spring or summer, it is a great time to explore the refreshing outdoors. The vibrant nature is just waiting to be discovered by you. With a pair of men’s hiking and walking sandals on your feet, you can cover plenty of ground comfortably on the city streets as well as when following the hiking trails.

Our men’s walking sandals are made for scenic hiking trips, both on and off the road. You can enjoy durable designs with specially crafted rubber soles to give you a solid grip with each step. You can also experience our rich cushioning providing you with rich and soft comfort.

With our RECEPTOR® Technology on selected sandals, we give you excellent stability and dynamic support for the entire foot regardless of the terrain you come across. Wet or dry surfaces, flat or hilly terrains, walking sandals for men by ECCO deliver high performance from heel to toe helping you conquer your outdoor challenge.

Some of our men’s walking sandals come with 3-point adjustability to help you achieve a custom and secure fit. This design gives you a fully customizable fit with three quick-fastening straps. You can also experience neoprene lining in selected designs to provide optimal flexibility and breathability for your feet while offering high durability. If your journey takes you through water, you can also find designs where no wet element is an obstacle.

Shop men’s sandals online

Have you fallen in love with one of our men’s sandals but don't know what size to choose? See our size guide for men with simple and useful tips on how to measure your foot size at home. Grab your new pair of quality sandals for men today with ECCO. Welcome the summer and enjoy the sun and comfort on your feet.

You should consider whether you need a pair to wear at the beach and shorter distances or a comfortable pair for longer walks around the city and maybe even on hiking trips. Do you go for a fashionable sandal or a practical sandal? Your choice depends on your practical needs and style preferences. For walking and hiking wear, we recommend sandals from our Yucatan or Exowrap collections. For beach-ready sandals, check out our 2nd Cozmo collection.