Men Dress Shoes

Men’s dress shoes

Experience the perfect match between elegance and comfort today. Our selection of dress shoes for men delivers timeless styles fit for every man and every occasion. Find the right look for you with fashionable and comfortable men’s dress shoes by ECCO.

Looking for formal or casual dress shoes?

Dress shoes have been around for a very long time - and for a good reason. The timeless elegance of a pair of Oxfords or the more casual look of a boot offers many exciting possibilities for creating the perfect style for you. Whether the invitation calls for formal attire or an everyday look, we got something just for you. 

Our selection of dress shoes is available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. From classic black and brown to various colors, we bring you the very best men’s dress shoes like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, loafers, hybrids and boots.

You can find high-quality men’s dress shoes suited for all the different seasons of the year. During the colder seasons, you can still keep your preferred style going. We have warm and comfortable shoes and boots that let you maintain timeless elegance. For when the weather turns and the warmer seasons arrive, our range of men’s slip-on dress shoes and loafers will provide you with light and easy-going footwear.

Become familiar with key dress shoe styles for men

Oxford shoes are often synonymous with formal dress shoes for men. They offer a special elegance ideal for the finest of events. The same goes for our Derby shoes, which share many similarities with a pair of Oxfords. You can typically tell the two apart by looking at the lacing. Oxford shoes are defined by their closed lacing, while Derby shoes have open lacing. The closed lacing also makes the Oxford shoes look even more slick and elegant whereas the Derby becomes an all-fitter. 

You can add a bit extra texture and detail with brogue dress shoes - a great option for less formal wear. You can identify brogue shoes by the different patterns of small punch-holes which are applied along the shoe seams on various dress shoe styles such as Oxford or Derby shoes. Wingtip is a popular choice for brogue shoes.

Do you want to learn more about the different styles of men’s dress shoes? Then check out our guide on different dress shoe styles for men.

Find men’s dress shoes for every style

Dress shoes are far from restricted to certain occasions. When at work, during your free time, or a night out, you still have many good reasons for wanting to look just how you feel with our ECCO men’s dress shoes. Whether you want to rock smart casual, business casual, or formal, we have the right dress shoes for you. 

Our men’s black dress shoes give you plenty of different style options, as black will match practically any suit color. Brown dress shoes will pair particularly well with navy and grey. If the shade is darker, you can also combine them with beige and even get away with a black suit and brown shoe combo.

A simple trick to complete the details of your look is to match your shoe color with the color of your belt, watch rim, or bag.

The care that your dress shoes deserve

At ECCO, we make sure that your men’s dress shoes can handle a great deal. But if you want to get the most out of your favorite pair of dress shoes, you will need to give them some care.

Are you unsure how to clean your shoes effectively? Visit our guides for helpful tips and tricks on how to clean leather shoes and how to clean suede shoes. Find all what you need for your shoes with our protective shoe care.

Shop ECCO men’s dress shoes online

Our official online store is the right place for you in your search for exclusive and high-quality dress shoes for men that do not sacrifice comfort. Do you have a particular dress shoe in mind? Use our helpful filter to tailor the selection to suit your needs. You can easily sort by size, price, and color. Find your ideal men’s dress shoes online and we bring our high-quality footwear directly to your doorstep. To know more about delivery, visit our page for information about shipping.

Experience the very best formal and casual footwear available with ECCO men’s dress shoes.

Men’s dress shoes are typically meant for formal occasions or a smart-casual look, though many also wear them daily. You can find many variations of dress shoes at ECCO including Oxford, Derby, Loafer, Monkstrap, and Brogue. Oxford shoes are recognized by their closed lacing system, while Derbies, for example, have open lacing. Our men’s dress shoes are most often made from different types of premium leather, such as full-grain leather, patent leather, nubuck leather, and suede.

Do you need dress shoes for highly formal occasions, semi-formal events, or daily wear? A pair of Oxford or Derby shoes are your safest bet, while a pair of loafers or monk straps can be a modern and subtle statement-making piece. When choosing dress shoes, find a shoe color that compliments or matches your outfit and personal style. Black is commonly the most formal color, followed by darker shades of brown. Other color options - typically lighter or more colorful shades - or suede dress shoes are generally less formal in appearance.

Do you need a pair of dress shoes suitable for all-day wear, plenty of walking, and a lot of standing up? In that case, you may consider a pair with focus on support, flexibility, cushioning, and shock absorption for comfortable wear. At ECCO, we always put comfort first when making all dress shoes. Take a look at our ST.1 Hybrid Collection for dress shoes with shock absorption, additional cushioning, and unparalleled comfort.

Practically any type of dress shoe goes well with jeans, including Oxfords, Derbies, brogues, monk straps, and loafers. Each type of dress shoe brings its own degree of formality to your look. Oxfords are the most formal, while loafers add a more laid-back yet elegant style. Oxford shoes are generally slimmer in their design, which is why you might stick to slimmer-fitting jeans for this combo. A pair of detailed brogues and loafers fit well with more casual-looking jeans. Our ST.1 Hybrid dress shoes are a great match with jeans for a smart-casual look.