Re Blonde: Web3 PR and Marketing

Bridging the knowledge gap between web companies and their users can be challenging. Here at ReBlonde, we believe it doesn’t have to be. We aim to solve your common pain points with our effective, data-driven PR and marketing services for Web3 startups.

Gaining visibility, attracting clients, and securing investment is incredibly time-consuming for a startup CEO. We take care of your marketing strategy for you, allowing you to focus on running your company.

If you’re a Web3 startup looking to cut through the noise, we’ll help you reach your audience with a calculated communications strategy tailored specifically to your business.

What Is Web3?

You’ll likely be familiar with Web1, the internet in its original format. Soon after the birth of Web1 came Web2, creating user-generated web content, such as social media. Now, global attention has moved to Web3, the internet’s future incarnation.

So, what exactly is Web3?

Web3 is currently a work-in-progress, but some of its main principles have already been established. Web3 is likely to be decentralized, meaning it won’t be controlled by companies or governments.

This decentralization will occur largely thanks to blockchain technology, a new method of storing online data. Blockchain technology means that data remains under the control of the original owner, even if it’s stored on the server of a government or corporation.

Web3 will be connected to the metaverse, a network of 3D virtual worlds. The launch of Web3 will create a ‘trustless’ market, meaning interactions and transactions can occur between two parties without the need for a trusted third party’s involvement.

An example of this type of transaction would be transferring cryptocurrency, such as sending bitcoin. As well as sending crypto, users will be able to participate in transactions within an NFT marketplace. Because the blockchain encryption and algorithm will control the transaction, it’ll be impossible for a third party to disrupt it.

You can expect to see a considerable increase in the number of Web3 companies entering the market during the next few years. At ReBlonde, we have the extensive experience and knowledge to support up-and-coming Web3 companies with their marketing and media relations.

Our Web3 Public Relations and Marketing Services

Many web startups struggle to communicate their vision for the future with consumers and differentiate themselves from their competitors. We offer a range of services that will help to mark your business as an industry leader through data-driven marketing and a savvy public relations strategy.

Digital Marketing

A strong, digital presence is key to being successful in the Web3 sector. We'll help you create a consistent and engaging online presence to attract new customers. Our effective digital marketing strategy will help you reach an international audience and gain investment from companies worldwide.

PR For Products & Services

Once you've established your Web3 product or service, it's time to create a foolproof public relations strategy for its launch. We're experts at organizing product or service launch events to let the world know about the projects you're proud of. As part of our custom Web3 crypto PR strategy, we’ll strengthen the impact of these events by producing a media marketing and media relations strategy to run in tandem with them.

Company Voice and Brand

Every company needs a brand identity and tone of voice that's instantly recognizable to its users. The novelty of the Web3 market will allow us to use our Web3 crypto public relations service to establish your business as one of the industry's most innovative leaders through cultivating a consistent and approachable personality for your brand. Within this brand, we'll create a narrative, using our expert storytelling skills to let the world know your company's history and vision for the future.


Cash is key to the early success of a new business. We assist in developing crowdfunding campaigns to boost awareness of your Web3 brand and raise capital to fund your future goals. These credible and effective crowdfunding campaigns give you the financial backing you need to assure venture capitalists that you're worth the investment.

Crisis Management

Missteps in communication are commonplace, and unfortunately, they can permanently damage your reputation. This is especially true for small businesses that are just starting out in the world of Web3. Our experienced team of journalists and communications experts is available to implement damage control and rebuild trust in your business.

Executive Visibility

When it comes to your reputation in the corporate world, an effective executive visibility strategy is often the deciding factor in your company's success. Giving your audience access to your executives via blog posts, columns, and press releases can increase your company's credibility and form a strong brand identity. We'll help your SEO and senior management team appeal to your audience by creating a powerful personal narrative through authentic storytelling and a strong online presence. Executives should distinguish their Web3 start-ups from the rest by sharing unique knowledge and insights into the industry, and exciting news about the company. We'll make sure your executives reach as wide an audience as possible, and their credibility is backed up by expert media relations.

Why Choose ReBlonde For Metaverse Public Relations?

With so many PR agencies on the market, finding the best fit for your Web3 business is incredibly challenging. Our success comes from focusing on our client’s desired outcomes and having a thorough understanding of their industry and challenges.

You could waste your money on a company that doesn’t truly know your industry – or you could invest wisely in Web3 PR and marketing services that are molded to your company’s values and goals.

Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us.


Our experienced Web3 public relations agency comprises some of the best communicators in the industry. We have years of experience in helping Web3 start-ups just like yours to find success, and we do this through trust, transparency, and our unrivaled industry knowledge.

Tailored Approach

We know that each Web3 start-up is unique in its structure, challenges, and objectives. That’s why, when you work with us, we’ll take an approach that’s expertly tailored to your needs.

Different start-ups require different services, with product launches being crucial to some brands, and a consistent social media presence being non-negotiable for others. We’ll work closely with your team to design a custom Web3 PR or metaverse PR strategy to reach your target audience and produce tangible results.

Expert Industry Knowledge

To the average consumer, the words ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘bitcoin’, ‘encryption’, and ‘blockchain’ are confusing. Not only do we have an in-depth understanding of these concepts, but we’re also experts in effectively communicating them to your audience.

With the perimeters of Web3 constantly changing, it’s vital to work with an agency that responds to trends and updates within the marketplace. We keep up to date with the latest industry knowledge, ensuring your brand remains at the cutting-edge of this innovative market.


If you’re keen to launch your Web3 business with your best foot forward, we want to hear from you. Book an initial consultation, free of charge, to discuss your marketing and public relations goals with our team.