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Trail & hiking shoes for women

Sticking to the asphalted roads is not always an option. Perhaps you wish to take a break from the busy city roads, put on a pair of hiking boots and get out in the wild. Whether you stay on the trails set by all the other nature-loving hikers or seek to explore the untamed wilderness, our selection of trail and hiking shoes for women provide a reliable companion. Get ready for nature with our selection of high-quality women’s hiking boots and shoes.

A quick guide for choosing trail and hiking shoes for women

No two paths are alike. The wilderness can vary a lot and take you across switching landscapes. From flat plains to unforgiving mountain heights and overgrown woods, your journey can lead you to many exciting places. So what is the best women’s hiking footwear for you? The answer to this question depends on several factors. We have listed some of the central questions you could ask yourself when choosing your ideal pair.

For trail or hiking? - Do you need a pair of women’s hiking shoes for a relaxed stroll in nature or for a long hiking trip that will likely test your endurance? The surface can also change and for the rougher terrains ensuring the right support on your ankles is particularly important. 

What climate? - Depending on which weather you decide to embark on your adventure, finding the right balance between warmth and cooling to suit the climate is worth considering. If you walk in colder conditions you may consider sturdier boots, while in warmer climates you should look for more lightweight designs that ensure comfortable coolness and stability on the road. 

For multipurpose use? - Are you looking for a pair of hiking boots for women to only be used out on your journeys in nature or perhaps a pair of hiking shoes to wear at work. Maybe you need a pair suited for trail running? Whatever you are looking for, we got you covered with various styles and features to suit your needs.

Made for exploring

When out on the untamed paths you will likely get to experience whatever nature throws at you. At ECCO we know that uncomfortable or unreliable shoes should never be a hindrance in your adventures. Is rain or mud also a potential risk? Then waterproof boots may be required to keep your feet dry and warm for long-lasting comfort on your journey. 

We have developed our ECCO HYDROMAX® technology to ensure a water-repellent finish that lets your feet breathe during hiking. We also have a great selection of women’s shoes with incorporated Gore-Tex® technology, which consists of a special membrane to ensure protection and an ideal environment inside your shoes no matter the weather.

Out in the wild, the road is never truly flat and even. The natural terrain will truly test your feet often resulting in you placing your feet differently at each step. Ensuring optimal comfort and stability on your heels and ankles is important to prevent any injuries during your adventure and risk cutting the trip short.

We have walked the extra mile to create the perfect pair of hiking shoes for women suited for every environment and terrain. We continuously strive to create shoes with natural comfort. Select hiking shoes are made with FLUIDFORM™ designed to give you high flexibility and a lightweight feeling in each movement.

Buy your hiking and trails shoes for women online

Get ready to walk the scenic trails or make your very own with our women’s trail and hiking shoes. No matter your hiking style, you can find the best hiking shoes for women right here on our official online ECCO store. Give your feet the ultimate hiking experience today.

If you wish to explore other alternatives, our selection of comfortable women's multisport shoes will also provide you with many benefits out on the road with supportive and flexible abilities to keep your feet ready for every moment. Experience reliable comfort and stability to keep your feet ready for the next important step. You can find your preferred choice by applying our filter and sorting by price, size, and also color. Shop your trail and hiking shoes for women at ECCO now.

hiking shoes with GORE-TEX® technology</a> for added water resistance on the trail."}}">

Hiking shoes are specially designed shoes made for hiking trips with changing terrains to protect your feet and ankles. As opposed to hiking boots, hiking shoes are normally lighter and have an ankle-high cut. By combining our love for nature and curiosity for innovations, ECCO hiking shoes help your feet stay comfortable throughout longer full-day trips. Our hiking shoes provide support and traction on different terrain with cushioning for a pleasant hike throughout. Check out our selection of hiking shoes with GORE-TEX® technology for added water resistance on the trail.

hiking shoes with GORE-TEX® technology</a>."}}">

You should consider the length of your hiking trip, the terrain, and weather conditions. Hiking shoes are typically lighter but offer less protection than hiking boots. Hiking boots usually come with high-cut ankles for support when carrying heavier loads and protecting against uneven terrain. For most purposes, our hiking shoes provide reliable all-round wear. If you want added protection against wet weather and surfaces, look for hiking shoes with GORE-TEX® technology.

Hiking shoes can make a significant difference on longer walks outdoor. Our hiking shoes are specially designed around offering protection, support, grip and ankle support on varying terrain for the most comfortable wear. They are generally more durable and last longer than a regular pair of shoes when out in nature. Some of our hiking shoes also provide waterproof membranes to help keep your feet dry. Because of its balance between the lightness of trail runners and the protection of hiking boots, hiking and trail shoes are often a popular choice.